Saturday, 3 November 2007


We are sorry that it has been so long between posts. We have been slack and we havn't done much travelling over the last couple of months. But we have been going out with our friends in Wakayama, so we have posted a few photos of our weekends.

These photos are from Jeff's Sayonnara weekend and Deep's Birthday, so i hope you enjoy, we are sorry Kaz and Heth.

We will try to keep posting more reguarly, love you all keep in touch, feel free to call or email us.

Friday, 24 August 2007


Our Holiday is off and running!!!
Our first mission was to find Platty and at one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. He decided on the "West" exit as a meeting point. (Great Job Platty) After missing our train but finding Platty we headed for Fuji. Our trains made up time and we arrived for the Bus for the 5th station at around 7pm. We met an American named Aaron who was climbing alone and looking for a bit of company. He was a GEOS teacher in Japan and a top bloke. We got on the bus, excited but daunted of what lay ahead. At 8pm we arrived at the 5th station and at 8:20pm we took our before Fuji photo and headed off up the Mountain. It is said to be between a 5 to 9 hour climb. 45 minutes passed and we were at the 6th station of 10. Feeling good and energetic we pushed on and 30 mins later we were at the 7th.In what felt like no time at all, we were at what we thought was the 8th station. Our high spirits were about to be shattered. It was actually the emergency point for First aid coming down the mountain from the real 8th station. It was to be another 2 hrs before we reached the 8th station, now tired, cold and feeling like we had got know where we pushed on hoping it doesn't get any worse!! The trails kept going up and up into the clouds, somewhere along the way we managed to also lose Platty, we were all together with Platty leading a little in front. We told him to wait at the next station but "He kept going"!! We panicked and looked for 30 mins or so before deciding to go to the next station. Sure enough we found him. He wanted to get ahead of a tour group!! Thanks for that Pete!!
We finally were at the 9th station but 6.5hrs later and wet, cold and tired. We headed for the top.
Stuck in a tour group, wind blowing and rain 1.5hrs later we finally reached the Tori Gate Symbolising the gateway to the top. WE HAD MADE IT!! The time was 2am and sunrise was in 2hrs!! The Climb had taken the better half of 8hrs.
Cold and wet we managed to get into a small room where they were serving light meals for warmth. Then it happened. The crowd rose as one as the sky turned red as the sun stated to rise. Cold and tired we watched as the sun rose above the clouds. The feeling was amazing and we will never forget this experience. We were speechless with the beauty of what we were looking at. As night turned to day we began our descent around 5:30am an expected 4hr trip. Not sure if going down was that much easier, walking on loose stones and volcanic sand. Finally we were back at station 5 and took the after Fuji Photo. A noticeable difference to the photo taken before Fuji!! A total of 12hrs walking and no sleep we were there. At the bottom the drink machines were sold out and our bus was leaving. We got on the bus and made our way back to the Shinkansen for the 4hr trip to Kainan. It was a lot quieter trip home than it was there.

We decided we would sleep first and decide in the morning if we would go to Hiroshima or not!!
Enjoy the Photos of Fuji and continue reading about our trip.


Hiroshima was one of the many places we have always wished to see in Japan. It was a fantastic place and lived up to all expectations. Even though we were exhausted from Fuji and with only 7 hours sleep in 3 days we traveled a predicted 2hr Shinkansen trip to Hiroshima. Of course we caught the wrong Shinkansen and 3hrs later we we in Hiroshima. We got our bearings and headed for the A-Dome site. It was Eire to see what was left of what once would of been a beautiful building. A few snap shots and a walk around we headed for the Children's peace memorial for Sadoku (the girl who tried to fold 1 thousand paper cranes) This was a sad p lace, knowing the story of how she died never making the 1000 and how people visit Hiroshima to this day, laying wreaths of cranes around the memorial.
Next the museum to have a look at some exhibits from the blast. It was sad to see what one bomb and act of war can do. I strongly suggest that everyone should visit Hiroshima and do the museum, memorial and A-Dome. It would make people realise the effects of war and help bring world peace. I feel like a bloody beauty queen (I wish for World Peace)
With the day running short and still know where to stay for the night we hit up information to find somewhere. Being Obon the entire city was booked out!!! no surprise since we had just learnt there was a massive fireworks show at Miajima Island that night. We decided to go and see what happened. It proved to be the right decision.
Enjoy the Photos of Hiroshima and read on to see what happens next!!


Now realising that we had know where to sleep the night in Hiroshima but knowing that there was a festival at Miya-jima, we decided to go to the festival and worry about the sleeping situation later. On the train to the ferry we me an English couple Charles and Jenny who had just moved to Japan and were also headed for Miya-jima. We formed a group and the 5 of us headed off. There were around 250,000 people on the island so we were expecting something good. Miya-jima is famous for its large tori gate which has stood through countless natural disasters whilst everything else has been destroyed. There was to be a fireworks show above the tori. When the show stared we were speechless. It was something else. This show made Australia day and New Years combined look crap. The show lasted an hour in total and had music and commentary. It was amazing to watch what a real fireworks show is like. Still with know where to stay we headed of after the show. Turns out that Charles and Jenny had moved to Hiroshima and offered us their spare room for the night. Excellent!!
We waited in line for the ferry for 1.5 hrs or so and then after a light dinner crashed in the spare room. We rose early and left before Charles and Jenny were up, leaving them money and an Aussie souvenir to say thanks. We would see what was left of Hiroshima before heading home via Himeji Castle.

Enjoy pics.


On our way back from Hiroshima to Kainan we decided to stop at Himeji Castle. This castle is the last of the Original castles in Japan that has been kept in its original state. It made all other castles in Japan that we had seen so far look pathetic. For Platty it was the only castle he would need to see. We braved the 38 degree weather and the 80% humidity to walk around the castle grounds and have a look inside. We had heard allot about Himeiji, and when we had to take our shoes of and wear slippers inside, we knew it was going to be good. It didn't let us down, it was amazing to see what a original Japanese Castle was actually like and we can best descibe Himeji as Grand. Photos galore were taken and it was time to head home for some sleep. Back to the Shinkansen we went.
Enjoy the pics!!


After Fuji and Hiroshima we decided on a rest day. That didn't happen!! Instead we decided to make the most of our location in Kainan to go to the local beach, check out the sights and be able to say I have swam in Japan. First we had to hire a bike. Quickly learning some Japanese I managed to hire a bike from the station for $5 for 6 hours. Perfect! When we got to the beach it was stinking hot and stinking Humid and the water was refreshing. The beach in Japan is nothing like Australia. They are crap. But hey, it was wet and cold! We hired an umbrella and the dude we got it off put it up for us. It was great, he drilled a hole in the sand first, hammered the post in then put up the Umbrella. We checked out the sights on the beach and got burnt, having a some what relaxing day. We headed home for a early night as we planned to visit Kyoto tomorrow.
Enjoy the pics.


We were all looking forward to seeing a little more of the traditional Japan and Kyoto was the place to see it. We caught the 8:45 shinkansen and arrived in Kyoto around 10:40. We got our bearings, purchased our bus pass and headed for the sights. First on our list was the Golden Temple. A temple covered in Gold leaf. It was amazing to see but almost looked fake it was that pretty. Next Pete wanted to see a traditional rock garden so we walked to the next temple. This was a let down. 15 rock "expertly" placed, it was crap. We are sure there is some reason for it but we were not a fan. We moved on temple after temple, things all starting to look the same and public transport giving us the shits. It was hot and humid. We arrived at the silver temple. Probably our second favorite place in Kyoto. The temple is not silver as it was never finished but the gardens and surrounds were unbelievable. Such wok and care had been taken. Valder would love it. We spent a while there until we decided we would go to Gion where the Geisha live to try to get a few snaps. we felt like the paparazzi, chasing the girls for photos. It was fun and they were beautiful. Afterwards we decided we should find a place to sleep the night. By the time we got back to information at the station they were closed. Homeless again!! We tried a few places but booked out or too expensive. we called a friend and suggested an Internet Cafe. After a small fight about directions and location we made it to Popey's Internet Cafe. $35 for a bed, free Internet ps2 and TV for 10hrs. It opened at 10 so we took Pete for some Okonomiyaki and a beer.

Enjoy the Day 1 pics of Kyoto.